Ten of accommodation facilities in the city of Pozega in 115 rooms can accommodate 238 visitors. All facilities operate throughout the year to allow visitors a pleasant stay for the time of the numerous events and happenings in the city. Seven facilities are located in the tourist town in the B class, two in Donji Emovci, one in Emovacki lug and one in Nova Lipa(all in the D tourist class). Seven facilities are categorized as accommodation, one as pansion komfor, one as rooms for rent in the household, one as camp stop and one uncategorized.

In the last five years there are constantly increasing the number of tourist. In 2017 Pozega was visited by 6.344 tourists which realized 13.444 overnight stays. Most foreign visitors comes from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary and Switzerland.

Restaurant and Inn Vila Stanišić

Restaurant and Inn Vila Stanišić
18 rooms, 36 beds

Inn Grgin Dol

B&Bs and Inns
17 soba, 33 kreveta

Zlatni lug (Golden Grove)

Zlatni lug - 11 rooms, 29 beds

Zlatni lug 2 - 10 rooms, 20 beds

Inn Villa Maria

Inn Villa Maria
8 rooms, 16 beds

Vila Dora rooms, Apartman studio

25 rooms, 46 beds

1 Apartman studio

Camper stop Golden Grove

15 piches for 45 persons

Nova Lipa

16 rooms, 32 beds

Studio apartman NUNANINA

4 studio appartmans, total 16 beds, 3 stars category

Vila Home Zlatni lug

2 rooms, 4 beds, 3 stars

Room Nunanina

1 room, 2 beds, 3 stars

Restaurant and Inn Stari Grad

Restaurant and Inn Stari Grad

5 rooms, 14 beds

Deluxe Apartment GoodLife

Studio Apartment GoodLife

1 apartment, 3 beds, 3 stars