If you truly want to feel the nature and experience all the natural goods that this area has to offer, than you must travel on two wheels. Beautiful forest and country roads, paths through fields and vineyards, and marked bike paths will be an unforgettable experience. On the trip point of rest may be plain, forests, vineyards, orchards, and villages, castles, churches, chapels depending on the area of interest of the individual. Cycling is the best way to get to know all of beauties of Slavonia - villages, castles, little churches and chapels, forests, vineyards and orchards.


For professional bike experiance you can contact BBK „Požega“, mountain bike club which organizes Clubs of the Slavonian Hillside Bike League or Bike Club "LUKS Racing Team".


Page Aureus Mons brings you six different country tours where everyone can find something for themselves.

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BBK "Požega"

Adress: Kalvarija 27, 34000 Požega

Number: 034/292-232 Dinko Zima

Web adress:


Bike Club "LUKS Racing Team"

Adress: Arslanovci 46, 34000 Požega

Number: 034/271-999 098/899-224

Web adress:


Stari fenjeri - Cycling path

Adress: Turnić 2A, 34000 Požega

Number: 034/622-277 098/811-554, 099/274-22-22

Web adress:


Nature Park Papuk - 3 cycling paths

Adress: Stjepana Radića 46, 34330 Velika

Number: 034/313-030 034/313-027

Web adress:,



Diversity of landscapes makes this area very popular for hiking, walking or trekking. Climbing is not aimless wandering through the hills and winning same peaks all over again, it is the way of life which makes a modern life more enjoyable, interesting and relaxing. It is also a perfect way to get to know the true beauty of the earth. Hiking is very common and popular activity in all of Slavonia - there are 21 hiking communities with about 3000 members.

With long tradition of hiking comes approximately 200 kilometres long hiking tracks. All of the hiking tracks are marked with way marks and white spots in red circles (on trees or stones) thah point the access ways to peaks, springs, caves, mountaineers retreats and shelters.
Every nature lover will be very pleased with the number of hiking trails in and around Požega area. If you would like to find out more information about hiking trails visit websites listed below.

Aureus Mons -


HPD Sokolovac

Adress: Matice Hrvatske 13, 34000 Požega
Number: 099/2914-900

Web adress:


HPD Gojzerica

Republike Hrvatske 1 C, 34000 Požega

Web adress:,

Facebook: HPD Gojzerica


Mob: +385 98 760 236


PD Mališćak from Velika

Wrb adress:



This area has a rich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas and diverse wildlife. In Slavonia region it is possible to hunt deer, roebuck, wild boar and the small, hairy and feathery fowl. Fishing is also very popular receration form and there are numerous peaceful rivers, lakes and ponds on which you can relax and enjoy. We`re giving you the list of sites and pages that are

Zlatni lug

Adress: Donji Emovci 32, 34000 Požega
Phone number: 098/472-483
Web adress:


Stari fenjeri

Adress: Turnić 2A, 34000 Požega
Phone number: 034/622-277; 098/811-554; 099/274-22-22
Web adress:


Lovački savez Požeško–slavonske županije

Adress: Dalmatinska 14, 34000 Požega
Phone number: 034/274-173


Športski ribolovni savez Požeško – slavonske županije

Adress: Istarska 6, 34000 Požega
Phone number: 034/271-296; 098/733-837 Drago Blažičević



The most famous horse riding centers in Croatia are found in Slavonia. In our area you can find nice small family farms but also modern horse centers with riding schools. Equestrian centers organize horseback riding schools, races, training and rehabilitation of horses, but equestrian and horse riding clubs provide also therapeutic and recreational horseback riding.

Horse lovers shoud not miss to visit these web sites on which you can find further information on horsebach riding in Požega:

Jahački klub "Gospino Brdo"

Phone number: Stjepan Boršoš - 098/433-499
Web adress:


Or you can visit nearby places:

Horseback riding Club "Filippos" - horseback riding school, field horseback riding and facilities for horses

Adress: Radovanci, 34330 Velika

Phone number: 098/933-1021

Web adress:


Horseback riding Club of Pleternica

Adress: I. Šveara 2, 34310 Pleternica

Phone number: 034/311-049; 098/136-3648


"State Horse Farm"

Adress: Ergelska b.b., 34551 Lipik

Phone number: 034/421-880 034/421-844

Web adress:



Horseback riding

Horseback riding Club "Gospino Brdo"

Contact:  Stjepan Boršoš
Horseback riding school kids and adults therapeutical horseback riding recreational horseback riding facilities for horses

Fishing and hunting

Zlatni lug

Donji Emovci 32 
34000 Požega

Stari fenjeri

Turnić 2A 
34000 Požega
098/811-554, 099/274-22-22

Hunters Association of Požeško–slavonska county

Dalmatinska 14 
34000 Požega

Sports Fishing Association Požeško – slavonska county

Istarska 6 
34000 Požega
098/733-837 Drago Blažičević


BBK Požega

Kalvarija 27 
34000 Požega


HPD Sokolovac

Matice Hrvatske 13 
34000 Požega


HPD Gojzerica

Republike Hrvatske 1 C

34000 Požega

Mobitel: +385 98 760 236

facebook: HPD Gojzerica


Flying club "Bumbar"

Vinogradska 7 
34000 Požega


Swimming pools

Osječka 8 
34000 Požega