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City of Pakrac

Located approximately 120 kilometers from Zagreb, with good highway and rail line, it is a quick one hour drive by a car, or about two hours by train. 

Purchased, donated, conquered, owned by the Templars, Knights Hospitallers, Ivan Talovac, Counts of Celje, Nikola Zrinski, etc.  Pakrac is best known for having the first working mint.

City of Pakrac is rich in its cultural heritage and protected inheritance:

  • The Castle complex Janković
  • The building of the old municipalities
  • Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Hotel "Pollak"
  • House Golubić
  • Bishop's residence in Pakrac
  • Trenk`s Castle
  • "Pick" building
  • Sipahi cellar
  • St. George Church in Kusonje


Mountain Lodge Omanovac with its surroundings, offers visitors a whole range of facilities, accommodation, food, active tourism, and above all a pleasant stay in nature. Omanovac was named the most beautiful mountain lodge in the year 2014.

At the hills of Psunj, Papuk and the Hill of Pakrac, there is over 150 km of hiking trails that are well marked  and also 100 km of cycling routes designed for recreational cycling and extreme mountain biking. In winter season, toboggan run is located next to the lodge and only fifty meters further there is a ski slope, named after Ivica Kostelić, one of the Croatian`s best skiers,  five hundred meters long.

Camp Matkovac is situated in the village of Prekopakra, only 2.5 km from the city center. The camp has a large landscaped area, which is fenced and provided with electric power, drinking water and toilet facilities. It offers the possibility of using tents or camp houses.

In Ethno Park Čantalo its facilities, both current and future, fit into the vision of the development of tourism in the City of Pakrac. Ethno Park Čantalo is a place where you can enjoy nature and have the opportunity to meet true heritage of our region.



Area of Psunj is ideal for the construction of sports entertaining bike park and its tracks provide the opportunity to practice mountain biking. Most of the trails are near the mountain hut around which there are other activities such as skiing and hiking. Slightly lower part of the track but certainly very attractive, popular "Anaconda" (Green Flower CTB 2010) is located close to the city and is easily accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.


Hiking Society "Psunj" form Pakrac acts on the territory of Psunj and Papuk for almost 80 years. Currently, the society successfully operates in the area of ​​Papuk and Psunj. As a destination for hiking and walking trips the most relevant in the hill of Psunj is Omanovac at 654 meters above sea level. Mountain lodge is open on weekends and holidays and, if necessary, during the week.


Hunting in this area is essential. While hunters care about habitats, diet, and injured animals, as well as the preservation of the hunting area, hunting is becoming more and more interesting part of the tourist offer. Favourite form of recreation in the area is fishing because of the quiet forests with a beautiful river, lakes and numerous ponds.


  • Christmas Market
  • New Year's Eve


  • Museum Night
  • Celebration of the City of Pakrac - sport, fair, culture, concerts ...
  • Multipak - largest regional multimedia exhibition
  • Summer in Pakrac - sports, folklore, events ....
  • Slavonski banovac - Fair, concerts, etc ...
  • Christmas Fair

City of Kutjevo

City of Lipik

City of Pleternica

Municipality of Velika

Brodski Stupnik

Municipality Brodski Stupnik is located under Dilj gora on the main railway line Zagreb – Vinkovci and is consisted of four settlements: Brodski Stupnik, Krajačići, Lovčić and Old Slatinik. The municipality covers an area of 56.83 square kilometers with the population of 1,012 households with 3,383 residents.

One part of the village extends to the Sava River and is bordered by the municipality Bebrina, while part of the village is situated on a hilly area north of the main road to the village Lovčić which also forms the northern border of the municipality Brodski Stupnik.

In the beautiful vineyards there is a restaurant called Stupnički dvori which is worth visiting if your in the area. Hotel and winery Stupnički dvori includes the famous restaurant that offers traditional cuisine and wine cellar on site with local wines. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful vineyards in the hills of Dilj gora and has comfortable rooms. The restaurant serves delicious traditional dishes typical of the surrounding region.

During the year, in the Municipality of Brodski Stupnik held the following events:

  • Municipality Day - September 10
  • Grape harvest Day - the second weekend in September
  • "Slatiničko Ljeto" - July
  • Memorial Tournament - July
  • The rate of St. Martin - Lovčić - July