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Požega — city of experience and fine flavors throughout the year.

Požega as the city of experiences, fine taste and creative tourism rejoice in its charms at any time of year, but especially it is worth to visit Požege in terms of a number of attractive events.

St. Vincent`s Day

Feast of St. Vincent or Vincelovo is a traditional folk festival of wine layer and wine.

City children's masquerade

Grgurevo – Day of town Požega

12 March at St. Gregory, is traditionally celebrated citizens of Požega victories over the Ottomans, under the direction of Father Luke Ibrišimović in 1688. Grgurevo or St. Gregory's Day is a traditional show of canons and mortars, exhibited on the central square. The event includes the mortar fire in Požega vineyards, which symbolizes the chasing of the Ottomans from the region and commemorates the victory over the Turks on Sokolovac Hill in 1688.

Požega kettle

Every year on May 1 Croats celebrate International Workers day. In Croatia, May 1 is a national holiday. People celebrate all over the country. Many public events are organized and held all over the country where military style bean soup is given out to all people as a symbol of a real workers dish and red carnations as a symbol of blood of fallen workers from the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. In Požega, traditional Slavonian stew is being served in a local park.

Požega Healthy City

Kulenijada (Paprika-flavored salami feast)

Požega`s Kulenijada is the oldest event that promotes this kind of Slavonian specialty. Kulen is a type of flavored sausage made of minced pork that is traditionally produced in Slavonia. An annual "Kulenijada" festival is held in Požega to honor the history and great regional masters of making kulen. It is being held every year in June.

St John`s Bonfire

The evening of 23 June, St John's Eve, is the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of St John the Baptist. The Gospel of Luke states that John was born about six months before Jesus, therefore the feast of John the Baptist was fixed on 24 June six months before Christmas. Bonfire is organized by the "St. Gregory" association and is held on The Holy Trinity Square.

Cultural summer of Požega

Cultural event held during July and August on the boardwalk in Old Town Požega organized by the Youth Council of the City of Požega, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Požega. It offers a variety of cultural events, concerts of classical music, concerts by renowned local pop artists, theater performances and exhibitions, literary gatherings.

Fišijada (Fisherman`s Soup feast)

Fisherman’s soup is a hot, spicy paprika-based fresh water fish soup, a bright red hot soup prepared with generous amounts of hot paprika and carp or mixed river fish, characteristic for the cuisines of the Pannonian Plain, particularly prepared in the Danube and Tisza river regions. In Požega, Fišijada is being held every year as a part of the Music Festival of Slavonia at the beginning of September.

Flavours of autumn in Požega

Christmas benefit concert

New Year's Eve